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The Finals Countdown

The Finals Countdown
April 23, 2016 Ali Hanna
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Palms are becoming sweaty across campus. Hair is being pulled from countless heads. That stylish girl from Math 103 has traded her ripped jeans and boots for baggy sweatpants and slippers. Yes, finals are coming.

There’s always that familiar aura of stress and panic towards the end of the semester. Our professors and lecturers are beginning to remind us every class about final projects and study guides posted on Laulima. For once, we’re actually looking at syllabi, paying attention to our calendars, and counting down the days until the freedom of summer. (That is, unless you signed up for summer courses. Your classmates salute you, brave souls.)

Final exams are no picnic. Preparing for an exam takes a lot out of a student, mentally, physically, and emotionally. During this time we’re under a lot of pressure, whether it be from our teachers, families, or ourselves, to perform on exam day. Stressors seem to have a snowball effect and we become worn out. It becomes tricky to find a good study spot in the library, the wifi just never seems quick enough and there never seems to be enough time in the day to eat or sleep.

How can we cope with this intense amount of stress successfully, without compromising our grades?

According to Montana State University’s Counseling & Psychological Services, there are three things a student must practice while dealing with the stress of finals:

  1. Of course, to quote every teacher and advisor you’ve ever encountered, don’t procrastinate! Seriously. Getting a head start on study guides and setting aside time to truly study will save you a headache or two the night before your exam. The more work you get done ahead of time, the easier it will be to review exam information.
  2. Stick to your regular routine! According to Michigan State University, the one thing that truly puts students in a funk is finals interrupting their normal routines. Make sure you still set aside your time to eat, sleep, and blow off some steam if you need to. Keeping your routine as normal as possible will make finals a lot more comfortable,and your schedule won’t seem so abnormally hectic.
  3. Take care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Get enough sleep, eat wholesome, energizing foods, and stay away from those late night study sessions (you know, the ones with loud music, alcohol, and no studying whatsoever). Summer will be here soon enough!

Along with those tips, you may not be aware of the great resources we have right here at UHMC. The Learning Center (TLC) is a great place to study or work with a tutor. They’re open every day of the week except Sunday, so take advantage of it! Also, when it comes to those final papers, check out the library’s website for a plethora of research tools, like EBSCOhost, a database filled with countless academic journals and articles, among many other resources. If you need someone to proofread your essay, send it in to Brainfuse, a service like EBSOhost (and many others) that you pay for!

Most importantly, take the time to look back on the year thus far and celebrate the milestone of completing a semester. And don’t forget, a grade does not define you. Give finals your all, and you won’t be disappointed.

See you in the library! (I’ll be the one crying because I spilt coffee on my notes.)


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  1. Pierre 8 years ago

    This is well written and fun to read! Thanks for the great article!

  2. Carrie 8 years ago

    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thogruh.

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