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Da Shrimp Hale: A Deliciously Different Restaurant for The Whole Family.

Da Shrimp Hale: A Deliciously Different Restaurant for The Whole Family.
October 22, 2016 Ho‘oulu Staff
The inviting logo at the entrance of Da Shrimp Hale.

The inviting logo at the entrance of Da Shrimp Hale.

In the heart of the Maui Mall, one can find an exciting new restaurant for the whole family. Da Shrimp Hale is an inviting new place that’s not hard to miss. If your eyes aren’t drawn to the restaurants fun and intriguing signs, then your nose will guide you in the right direction; following the fragrant smell of steaming hot shrimp.

Da Shrimp Hale is a locally owned restaurant serving variations of popular seafood and specializing in steamed shrimp. Upon entering the restaurant, one can immediately notice the laid back feel of the space. The walls are painted red with nautical themed decorations all around the room like netting and wooden signs with clever sayings on them. There is a counter where one could order take out or there are tables where people wishing to dine in can sit.

The tables are covered in white paper to keep them clean from the messy food served at Da Shrimp Hale. Along with the table protectors, customers are given complementary bibs, plastic gloves and wet wipes to keep themselves clean while eating there. This adds an exciting and hands on feel to the meal that you can’t find at many other restaurants on the island.

The vast menu and choices you can make when ordering your food.

The vast menu and choices you can make when ordering your food.

After sitting down in a booth I was quickly acknowledged by my waitress who was very nice and helpful with understanding the menu. She was very fast and I felt like I never had to wait long for my orders. The menu consists of different types of seafood like lobster, crab, clams and of course, shrimp. After going over the menu and reviewing all of the different options, I decided to go with an order of shrimp with a side of potatoes with their classic mild Cajun sauce. There were many different flavor choices for your meal, all varying in spice level and styles. Next time I wish to try their butter garlic flavor as it seemed very popular.

The food showed up quickly and was not what I had expected. The waitress plopped a hot bag full of shrimp and potatoes on my table, opened it, and went on her way after asking if I needed anything else. The whole meal is eaten with your hands and spread all over the table becoming very messy, but this adds a level of fun to the meal. The first thing I noticed after looking inside my bag of shrimp was that they aren’t peeled and still have faces. At first this bothered me, but after getting used to peeling them it became an enjoyable experience having to work to get to the meat.

The shrimp was succulent and perfectly cooked. The seasonings I chose were a great compliment to the shrimp’s flavors and the potatoes. The flavor was mildly spicy and a delightful choice.  My potatoes, although perfectly seasoned, were undercooked and still a little hard in the center. They were still edible and delicious despite being undercooked.  The gloves and bib that are provided are a must because it’s impossible not to get shells and sauce everywhere.

I could see having a big family gathering with children at Da Shrimp Hale being super fun for everyone! The staff is very friendly and quick, the food is great, and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. The price is also very reasonable. For my half pound of shrimp, potatoes and drinks, the bill came out to approximately $24. I felt that this was a great price for the delicious meal I had at Da Shrimp Hale.

Da Shrimp Hale is located at The Maui Mall on 70 E Ka’ahumanu Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday 11a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They do not serve alcohol but run with a BYOB system.

If you’re looking for a fun and different place to take your family or somewhere to go for a casual meal, then Da Shrimp Hale is the place you’re looking for. It’s unlike any other experience on the island and won’t disappoint.  If you’d like to learn more about Da Shrimp Hale please check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dashrimphale/ or call them at (808) 868-2361.


I give Da Shrimp Hale a 4.0 star rating.


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