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November 1, 2016 Na Leo Contribution

By Thaddeus Laton

People gather on the concrete wall facing the sea.
Some hold hands with the most important person in the world.
Some watch in solitude hoping to be remembered.

Twilight approaches
as the brightness of the day dims.
The sky is shattered with amber.
The reds and yellows are a spliced inferno of nature.
It is soon to be replaced by a pitch of darkness
and the brilliance of celestial beings.

The water of the ocean is never stagnant.
It always has a plan; I envy its conviction.
Its ripples are a searing sea of flames that come from above.

There is a flashy couple with designer polos who radiate with life and love.
Along the same wall sits a mangy homeless man struggling to sell his crafted jewelry.
His imperfect smile outshines them all.

In the end they are all connected,
brought together to watch life be engulfed by the sea.


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