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Ode to my ode man

Ode to my ode man
November 1, 2016 Na Leo Contribution

Ode to my ode man

By Vanessa Chavez


Your hair may turn into Molokini island,

and your balls may sag to the ground.

Your ears may get as big as an elephant,

but still, I will stick around.

You may grow a schnoz as large as a greyhound

and become as blind as a bat.

But I will gladly lie beside you,

and hang upside down, just like that.

You may limp like a three-legged dog one day

and hunch over like a folded-up chair.

You may not remember your own name one day,

and still, I will be there.

You may become as silver as Hina Hina

and as tired as that moss flows,

And I will still be there with you,

with my big ears and my big nose.


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