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November 1, 2016 Na Leo Contribution


By Briana Lagrimas-Melendez


A gray silhouette follows me as

I walk along the beach.

The luminous light of the largest star

glimmers on the sand and the sea.


The humming sound of a hundred

honeybees tickles my eardrums.

They have robbed my silence,

from under this tree.


The tantalizing aroma

of turmeric and coriander,

and the scent of cumin and cinnamon

announce that dinner is ready.


A large bite sends my tongue on a journey.

The sharp taste lifts my shoulders,

the bitterness twitches my right eye,

and the sourness shivers my head.


The tiny grains of sand

crawl between my toes.

The golden rays of the sun

gently kiss my burnt skin.



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