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April 12, 2017 Na Leo Contribution

Author: Jennifer Esther Brown


She’s a bitch That will switch From green To red

She’s a bullet Shattering skulls Aimed
For the head

She’s dastardly Nefarious And spitefully Wild

She’s not My lover She’s
A demon child

She’s Abysmal dark A friend To the black

She’s a savage A beast Always on The attack

She’s allergic To light And a giver Of pain

She is Ominous clouds Pouring grey Drowning rain

She’s abominable Extreme Malicious Obscene



Unclean She’s a tormented Scream

Unlovable Terrible Unruly And cruel

She is blood On the mouth Dripping
In drool

She is untamed Unashamed Unabashed And still

Like the brown plant Not watered Dead
On the sill

She is Murky water A motherless Daughter

She’s a trap Catching prey Pound to pulp In a mortar

She is blame She is hurt She’s a snake In tall grass

She is brass knuckles And belt buckles Beating
Your ass

She is violence And terror Torture And hate

Her disguises Are clever A siren For bait

She will Die alone A beautiful Disaster

No heaven Awaits her No eternal Rapture

She’s a Burning lake of fire She is Satan’s Chanting choir

She is laughter From the belly At a somber Funeral pyre

She will kick Your teeth in She will steal She will sin

She will fight She will break She will make Your mind ache

She isn’t sweet She isn’t nice She is burning sheets And needling ice

She’s a Splattered stain Scattered Shrapnel’s Of glass

Under feet That must walk Shredding skin Flesh a’gash

She is wicked Aggressive She is scars On a wrist

Mangled And Sewn Your despair Is her bliss

She’s the Suffering moans Of Baba Yaga’s Lost sisters

She is Weeping wounds Gushing puss filled Blisters

She is rage Uncaged She’s a rotten Odious stench

She’s a Dreadful witch A diseased Whorish wench

She is nails On a chalkboard A horrible Screech

She is
No comfort
No calm, no mercy No sleep

She’s a force To be reckoned She’s a ship Going down

On sharp rocks In dark water Voices gurgling Sound

She cheats
She belittles She’s the cold sweat That beads

On the skin Of the sick On their illness She feeds

She is mercury Poison Dripping in To an eye

She is vicious Furious
A murderous Spy

She’s a cancer That spreads In the folds Of the brain

She is malice And nightmares Your loss
Is her gain

She’s a thick Metal chain Enslaving A child

Who is starved Neglected Who never Has smiled

She’s a cake That’s been left Out
In the street

She’s the fetor Perfused From foul Paunchy meat

She is loss And desertion Loneliness Fear

She’s a car Speeding blindly Unable
To steer

She is suicide Genocide Pollution And Ruin

She is fools To be punished She is grim She is gloom

She’s a slut That will cut you Running With Scissors

Flying Like leaves In a Kansas

Ground twister

She is teeth In the maw A grinding Taut clench

She’s a raped woman Guilty
Deems a judge On high bench

She’s a Heinous crime Serving
No time

No justice

No repent No defense Or alibi

She’s a swarm Of killer bees A suspended Army of stings

Venomous Buzzing Flapping Their wings

She is awful Appalling Shocking And vile

Catching Her prey To bury


She’s a Gluttonous pig Greed
At its best

An Unscrupulous Tramp Who’ll exploit And molest

She’s a Dynamite stick A blast
Of destruction

She’s an active Volcano Spewing Eruption

She’s no Dorothy and Toto Or little house On the prairie

She’s impish And rogue An iniquitous Faerie

She is lunacy Piracy Concealing Sharp shank

She’ll devour you Merrily
And gnaw
On your flank

She’s a thin Frozen lake Under Panicking legs

Arms Reaching out She sneers At faint begs

She is
Dead bodies Slapdash Thrown in a ditch

She’s a reckless Virus
A maladaptive Glitch

She will Bring you up Only to tear you Back down

Her name is Jennifer Esther Brown

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