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April 12, 2017 Na Leo Contribution

Suicide bomber is an epidemic.

Radicals, extremist minds are getting sick.

What is the purpose of their hurting?

What is their goal of attacking?

Is it because they don’t agree,

Or is it because they think they are free

To do whatever they please,

Killing, hurting people with ease?

What causes people to do stupid things?

Do they think they are superhuman beings?

Is there anything we can do

To stop these people for us to boo?

I was once an extremist.

I consider other religions a misfit.

I was taught that my religion is the best,

The only religion that God manifests.

But as I opened my mind and listened to other religions,

I realized that in every nation, every region,

God loves everyone,

Whether you are a Muslim or you are a Christian.


I stopped judging people

With their faiths, beliefs, religions and all.

I start respecting their cultures.

Who am I to judge their future?

But that’s what my religion did to me—



Don’t do this, don’t do that, do this, do that!

Other religions are no good

We are the best, understood?

God created us with free will

Especially to spread goodwill

Not to ridicule, not to ridicule

But to respect each other’s culture

I believe that if you and I

Respect each other’s race, faith,

Religion, beliefs and all,

There’s a possibility that mocks,

disrespect, and hate will vanish once and for all!


Esther Juan




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