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“Anger is my Friend” by Victory Dalida

“Anger is my Friend” by Victory Dalida
November 9, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review

Anger is my Friend

Victory Dalida


Anger, you are my best friend,

For you make all the fruits bitter.

You threw a ball to the wall

but it bounced back and hit you hard.


For many years

We’ve been best friends,

But your judgmental soul

Ruined a perfectly sweet apple.


The sky is clear,

Clear as a wine glass.

But your soul is dark,

Like the shadow that follows you.


We have a lot of great memories,

I won’t deny it.

I heard about this candy shop.

Maybe I’ll go there—

Not for me, but for you.

I’ll buy the sweetest chocolate

So maybe one day

We can start over.



Victory is a UHMC student currently taking English 104, Introduction to Creative Writing, taught by Paul Wood.

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