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“My Life as a Rat” by Victory Dalida

“My Life as a Rat” by Victory Dalida
November 9, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review

My Life as a Rat

Victory Dalida


I run around the house like a superior,

But everyone is afraid of me.

If only they could accept me

I would be the greatest pet you will ever have.


I am brown and chubby,

fast and stable.

I am better than any rat you’ll ever find.

I love cheese, but not as much as I love you.


I know I can be intimidating,

but don’t be scared.

I won’t bite you.

I am friendly but not a fool.


Last night,

When I went to say goodnight,

Your dog Lucky saw me.

I ran as fast as I could

But he chased me all the way to my house.

I thought I’d escaped the beast,

But he caught my tail and pulled me out of the house.


He played with my tail.

He wiggled me back and forth.

I wanted to throw up, but I didn’t.

I saw the way he looked at me,

His mouth was watery

As though I am the turkey

from Thanksgiving dinner.


I remember squeaking at the top of my lungs,

But you were peacefully asleep.

The place was silent, with only the sound of crickets

And the growling stomach of your dog.


I will surely miss the smell of your freshly baked cookies,

The fresh sizzling bacon every morning,

Your sweet-scented perfume before you leave for work.

I will surely miss you.


I was an inch away from death,

Then I saw a flashing light coming from your room.

You ran to the kitchen for some water

When you saw your dog,

You scolded him

So he let me go.


I saw the hunger in his face,

I’m disgusted by him.

But thanks to you

I am safe and alive.



Victory is a UHMC student currently taking English 104, Introduction to Creative Writing, taught by Paul Wood.

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