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“IF I WAS A BIRD” by Tiana Quinn

“IF I WAS A BIRD” by Tiana Quinn
November 10, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review


Tiana Quinn



She walks along the edge of a river.

Tip toeing at the verge of peril.

A juvenile girl who knew little of the world

but that waterways boundary.

Her blonde curly hair reflected rays of light that

cascaded from the welkin.

Giggling as she avoided the labyrinth of mossy stones.

She gazed up at the sky.

Fluttering her hands as if she were a swan.

“I want to be a bird. That way I can fly all the way

to the clouds.”

Her foot glided down the slippery runnel.

Arms flailing around like a duck shaking

the excess water off its wings.

She learned how to swim thanks to her father.

Grasping towards rhizomes of trees that protruded out

from the scarp.

Staring up at the sky gasping.

“If I was a bird I would not fall in water.”




Tiana is a UHMC student currently taking English 104, Introduction to Creative Writing, taught by Paul Wood.

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