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“It’z Now” by Jimmy James Thennes

“It’z Now” by Jimmy James Thennes
November 10, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review

It’z Now

Jimmy James Thennes


Past to Future,

What about Now?

Present Iz,

It’z gone now.

Draw a line,

It’z ever-changing,

Never staying.

Like Wavez hitting the sand,

Iz it getting closer,

Or further away?

It’z a Paradox to me.

Just Breathe….. Ah

Life Iz Now,

Being quiet to listen,

Can leave it all be,

Az a dream, never remembering.

Staying in the Now,

Seeking to receive,

Awareness all around me.

Having Eyez to Realize,

In watching momentz go by,

Mindful of others around me.

Assuming iz the future,

To fear iz the Past,

The Present iz LUV,

That always lastz…….


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