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“Jah’s Warriors” by Rechina Green

“Jah’s Warriors” by Rechina Green
December 1, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review

Jah’s Warriors

By Rechina Green


In times like these we must constantly seek forgiveness

Flee from resignation

It’s Prayer for the fearless

How can you satisfy your soul?

Look outside

So much glory to behold

Jah’s warriors are humbly bold

Kindness practiced not rarely given

Our leaders have failed us

Even impale us


Back back gimme 50 feet

I refuse to be restricted by societal elite

Amigo what migos no habla the blah blah

You can keep ya wack bars and who ha


Can’t sleep and lay down with sheep

As they creep into your thoughts and permeate your dreams

Pushing you to fall stand tall

The enemy can’t defeat us

Even with our backs against the wall


I may not write checks but I have respect

No gleaming on my personal affects

If you push you bound to get checked

Not physically but mentally cuz now it’s just you and me

See spirituality I was born to see the flaws of my enemy


I may not break down my weapons

Like the intellectual conversation

you may have been dreadin


Now what good would

It do me to preach

About the things that y’all just can’t see


It takes one to make one awake one

If you meditate your prayer might save some

Miss me with the phony bolognee, lil tom and tony

They rhymes can’t help me ascend this plane

Astro fit for idolatry fame


Diluting the brain with self-preserving claim

Aggravated by the counterfeit

God taught me well so now i don’t even trip

Slip, bust my bum umm well maybe a little bit


I can help what I can’t see Im human

Faith is what I need

I gotta react with Yeshua speed


That’s all I need to live this life

Knowledge of God not really concerned with the illusion of wealth

His love saw me through the bad days


Not Benji, Washington or these other lames

I refuse to let green validate my truth

My inner wisdom never cost me cross me

Salvation for the lost me


The black and blue

Bruises that come from greed

Consuming hate at retail speed

Gargling my adversaries with epidemic epiphanies

No need for a 45

I revolve my mind


Tapped in God wins

Biblical records teach for days

It’s simply up to you

Rely on Jah to find your way


Around town they get down with

Validation for our generation

It’s lit

Play the cards you’re dealt with

No hesitation

Stimulation contains your soul

Chessboard your position

Now checkmate the opposition


Jah blessings and correction coming

For those destined and cleansed by Jesus Christ perfection.

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  1. K.Green 7 months ago

    Good read…. Lots of truths in those words.

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