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“Persephone” by Jesse Joseph

“Persephone” by Jesse Joseph
December 1, 2017 Nā Leo Literary Review


By Jesse Joseph


I sold my soul Mark Anthony,

And now upon cruel sword my body stands

Pay no fault to painted Cleopatra who despises me

An Eve unjustly blamed for the folly of man.


I’ve fled myself I do believe

To the obsession that makes me breath

From riches rags and bending knee

I gaze upwards to Persephone


But I am Hades dark and true

With this convoluted sickle dream

Take this heart she will not do

And from my depths she’ll hear me scream,


But truly, I am no fickle reaper

I’ll lead no armies in her name,

No power from my lips will let me keep her

But just as cursed with love to my dismay.

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