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“The Daydream of a Fading Friend” by Akane Joseph

“The Daydream of a Fading Friend” by Akane Joseph
March 3, 2018 Nā Leo Literary Review

The Daydream of a Fading Friend

By Akane McCann Joseph


What would happen if I disappeared?


If the waves that linger at the shore

Rose up to sweep me away

The foaming curls wrapping around me like soft blankets

To swiftly carry me out to sea


Where I would sink to the bottom

With a stomach full of stones

To gently rest my back upon

The cold depths of the ocean floor


And the sand beneath me would loosen

Velvet soft and so cool

As I sank ever deeper

Into the bed of crumbled seashells and glass


The air imprisoned within my lungs

Escaping in small and shining bubbles

Hardly visible,

and fading quickly

Into the all-encompassing darkness.


When finally, the sand would consume me

Swallowing me up whole

With its weight pressing down upon me

The blackened salty water

No longer stinging my eyes


Would my mind finally quiet?

Of the racing turbulent thoughts?

Or would they continue

Ever endless

A chaotic tangle buried under gentle sea.



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