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Netflix Review: No Good Nick

Netflix Review: No Good Nick
December 28, 2019 Britney Bautista
The cast from No Good Nick pose for a photo together

Need a new Netflix show to binge? My top recommendation is No Good Nick. Recently, I conducted an interview with one of the stars of the show, Kalama Epstein. Epstein  played an older brother on the show named Jeremy. Epstein is an up-and-coming actor from Oahu who has worked hard to earn a regular spot on a tv series. Epstein had prior acting experience, but he said it was different because, as most roles were guest spots, there was a lot of jumping from show to show rather than a stable job. Epstein said, “But I had some truly incredible experiences!”

Photo of the actors posing
Photo Used with Permission

No Good Nick is about a  street-smart 14-year old girl who infiltrates an unknowing family by pretending to be a distant cousin who was recently orphaned in what may or may not be a revenge plot. All the while, she must pull a vast array of cons to pay off her father’s debt to the mob and attempt to get him out of prison. This storyline is mysterious and full of anticipation. The first season focused mostly for the 14-year-old girl and the family getting to know one another. Some family members had their reservations about Nick, but showed compassion for her throughout the season. The last episode of season one ended in suspense, setting up a storyline for season 2. In the scene,  Jeremy opened up Nick’s adoption file and the mother found out that the picture was not of Nick. In season 2, Nick continues her mischievous plan, but the Thompson family, especially Jeremy and Molly, are starting to see through her cracks. Admist the drama, Jeremy went through a personal change in which he came out as homosexual. Epstein was scared when it came to tackling this scene because in real life he is heterosexual. He wanted to do the scene justice and come across truthfully while reaching individuals who can relate to the situation. He advises for individuals who are working on coming out to take their time and do it only when ready.

Photo of Kalama Epstein with co stars
Photo Used with Permission

There are many life lessons we can learn from this series. For example, I learned that it’s always good to give people second chances because we never know what they are going through. This unique series is worth watching and includes many realistic life issues. Epstein wrote this message for his fans who have watched the show, “Thank you for watching our show! We love it so much and are so thankful and appreciative to everybody that watched it and supported it. It means the world to us, and we’re glad the show meant so much to so many people.”

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  1. Tom Lassily 4 years ago

    Thank you for this great review! I will check out the show!

  2. khidair al-abid 4 years ago

    is there going to be new season 2

  3. Camille Dent 4 years ago

    omg i love yoer shows and can you mak a sekint one plis 🙁

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