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Who’s the Instructor? (Lantana Hoke)

Who’s the Instructor? (Lantana Hoke)
April 24, 2020 Britney Bautista
Photo of Lantana Hoke smiling.

Who’s the Instructor? Lantana Hoke 

The University of Hawaii Maui College has many different staff and faculty members who guide young women and men to success. Students only have the opportunity to meet a handful of these wonderful instructors each semester. Well, it’s your lucky day! This article marks the start of a series we have created, which  features faculty and staff, in hopes of helping the students build a pilina, or connection. Readers can also learn background information about the teachers, including advice to students, lessons learned while teaching, and hopes and dreams. 

Our first instructor is Lantana Hoke. I was one of her students for English 100 and am currently her student for English 210 and English 316. Lantana has been teaching at the University of Hawaii Maui College since Fall 2016, nearly four years. Lantana is in the English Department and recently created a new Journalism Class that started in Spring 2020. If I had space in my schedule, I would have been excited to be in this class learning about making blog posts, articles, vlogs, and deepening my love for writing. Reading and writing are Lantana’s strengths. When asked what her favorite book was she said the Harry Potter Series. The Harry Potter books are translated in olelo in our campus library. If you are interested in novels, I would suggest reading the series and following them up with the films. 

From a student’s perspective, Lantana Hoke is an instructor who challenges her students to the next level and deeply cares about her students’ success and well-being. The students are her favorite part about the job because she is able to work with such a diverse group of people and help them achieve their goals. One of her strengths is the level of her investment in her students’ success and her dedication to helping them work on their meaningful goals. Along with caring about her students, she believes people are interesting and quirky, traits that shape the teacher she has become. On the other hand, Lantana faces a challenge that the students don’t always see: the grading. Lantana’s courses, like most English courses, require a lot of writing and, consequently, Lantana spends many hours reading and giving feedback on essays.

I previously had the pleasure of being one of her students. English is my favorite subject and she taught me proper writing techniques and strategies. There are three main topics that she is passionate about: teaching, learning in and out of the classroom, and sustainability. Some of the fun activities she does outside of the classroom are surfing, hiking, helping her sister on the farm, and recently learning Muay Thai. One interesting and random fact about Lantana is that her arms are double jointed, allowing her to jump-rope with nothing but her arms. A piece of advice she would like to say to college students is, “to show up, do the work, and ask many questions.” She also added, “Take care of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. It’s worth it in the end.”

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