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La’akea Village: A Healthy Place to Thrive

La’akea Village: A Healthy Place to Thrive
May 27, 2020 Abigale Clayton
Group of participants at La'akea Village

La’akea Village is a day program in Paia for people with special needs that teaches them to live independently. Participants at La’akea are taught skills that they would need for living on their own or with a partner.

Growth Mindset is an important concept that all of our participants and mentors embody at La’akea. Each person can work on their skills and one of the many ways they can do that is by working at the La’akea Country store. Here, participants can learn work skills and customer service by counting money, keeping the store tidy, and helping customers find fresh local produce, some of which grows in our own garden!

People at La’akea can also work on their goals off campus. The mentors who work one on one with the participants assist us with various tasks, including submitting job applications, driving to classes and appointments, going to Special Olympics practice, visiting the Maui Humane Society, and even going on nature walks for exercise.

We all work as a team at La’akea. Some of the activities we participate in are working in the garden, cooking together, cleaning together, doing chores, and spreading awareness about our community. We hope to expand our village and housing opportunities. We work hard as mentors and participants to be better people through our campus missions of integrity, stewardship, dignity, and community. La’akea is special because we value one another, and it feels like home. 

Photo of Abigale Clayton
Photo of Abigale Clayton, Courtesy of Abigale Clayton

Comments (3)

  1. Sarah Fletcher 12 months ago

    I love this! Great article and what a wonderful purpose.

  2. Carla Clayton 11 months ago

    Thank you, Abby, for this very nice article. It was very informative about La’Akea Village. It sounds like a person can be well prepared there for home life and friendship. Congratulations. Love, Nina.

  3. Daniel 11 months ago

    Good Job Abby!! I appreciate this work you did and all you do for the staff and everyone you meet. Take care

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