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A Message From Student Government: The Importance Of Joining In On Student Open Forums

A Message From Student Government: The Importance Of Joining In On Student Open Forums
December 5, 2020 Britney Bautista
2018-2019 UHMC Student Government Council Election - University of Hawaii  Maui College

I’m Britney Bautista, student news writer and Student Government Senator. On November 13, 2020 I attended the student open forum which was a huge success, with a high response rate. We asked the student body how we can improve our campus community, and submitted questions to the chancellor to answer live via Zoom. Our student government answered inquiries regarding distance learning during the pandemic and other campus and community related topics. Below, UHMC Student Government shared messages about why it is so important for our student body to provide feedback about potential changes they wish to see implemented in the future.

Albert Paschoal

Albert Paschoal is the Director of Student Life. Mr. Paschoal relayed that current system-wide budget concerns and centralization movements are taking hold, and that sharing pertinent, reliable information is an extremely important component in maintaining positive student relations. Students need to know what’s happening, and they deserve the opportunity to respond to our current challenges. These informational, student-only forums provide this very opportunity for students and administration alike.

Alejandro Moreno

UHMC Student Webinars

Alejandro Moreno is Student Government Secretary. 

“I think the student open forum is a great way for students that are taking classes online to still get involved with others on campus. During these difficult times it is important to stay connected with others and understand that we will get through this. I hope that more students will begin interacting with one another in a safe way this coming semester.”

Bre Rodrigues

UHMC Student Webinars

Bre Rodrigues is Student Government Vice President.  

“I think that the open forum is a great way for students to get their thoughts out there and have vital questions answered directly from our chancellor himself! It is an effective way to make our students feel a part of something during this time! It is also important to give the student voices a chance to be heard so that we can better serve them!”

Samuel Peralta

UHMC Student Webinars

Samuel Peralta is Student Government President.

“The Student Open Forum was a relevant and progressive way for student voices to be heard. We have a diverse ohana at UHMC. On our forum we had student insights from various fields of society. 

As UHMC ohana, we should look to the source and learn from experts in their respective fields. The flow of kuleana will keep Maui vibrant and excelling in our global community.

I enjoyed learning from my peers during the open forum. It made me feel that I was not alone and that we are all in this together. I was inspired by my fellow students as they talked about how they are overcoming obstacles during this complex time. Having this open forum will continue to strengthen the relationships we have with one another.”

Translated in Hawaiian:

“No ka holomua ʻana i na leo o na haumana a pau o kēia kula nei. Eia nō ka “open student forums”. Aia ma kēia kula nui ma Maui i ka ohana holoʻokoʻa o ke ao nei. He mea hoihoi no kākou e noʻonoʻo iho ai.

E nana ʻo UHMC ohana i ke kumu i ka wahi like ʻole a me na mea e aʻe. No ka hoʻonaʻauʻao ʻana kākou. E nana i ke kumu nō. O ke kuleana ka mea e hoʻo a ʻoi ʻana iā Maui nei a me kēia koleke.

Iāʻu i aʻo mai ai mai koʻu mau haumana mai, oluʻolu nō au. Hoʻomanaʻo au i kekahi ʻōlelo noʻeau “pu pu kahi holomua”. No ka holomua ʻana kākou i kēia wā maʻi kolona-19, e hoʻoikaikai i na pilina a me aloha kekahi i kekahi.”

The student open forum is a way to promote student engagement for students attending Maui campus. They can raise their voices if they see any inconsistencies in daily campus operations. They are encouraged to give feedback to improve the campus, especially in the season we are in with COVID-19. If you want to stay updated with campus happenings and events, download the UHMC app. It’s a helpful tool to get connected with student government, stay in contact with campus clubs, and receive daily notifications. You can also use the app to take health screenings before entering campus. The Student Open Forum Zoom recording link will be available on the UHMC App soon!

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