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Here’s To The New Year! UH Maui Individuals Share Their Resolutions And Goals For 2021.

Here’s To The New Year! UH Maui Individuals Share Their Resolutions And Goals For 2021.
January 7, 2021 Britney Bautista

It’s now 2021 and the world is hoping for relief from the global pandemic but there’s no signs of it slowing down just yet. 2020 started off as a normal year and then three months into it, became a terrible nightmare that we all wished was a dream.  The pandemic turned our daily lives upside down, and thrust the world into a state of emergency.  The department of education has been updating us on how to safely learn with distance learning models.  Small businesses were forced to shut down for a period of time, and masks and sanitizer became the new necessities.   I feel there were some positives though.  In light of things and in honor of The New Year, I searched for sparks of hope by asking current University of Hawaii Maui College faculty and students what their new year’s resolutions were for the upcoming year. 

Photograph Provided By Britney Bautista
Are New Year's resolutions a bad idea? | MD Anderson Cancer Center

If you struggle with coming up with a resolution, try using the SMART Goals acronym, which stands for a specific goal, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. I learned this in high school and it can be a helpful guide to separate the long term and short attainable goals.

Specific Goal




Time Bound

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to work hard towards my college degree but not be too hard on myself and to learn how to take constructive criticism. I also want to eat healthier and workout more. I want to get a part time job and make my own money so as to not have to rely on others to buy me what I need or want. Lastly, I need to rebuild friendships or let go of ones that don’t lift me up or aren’t there for me.  I may need to let them go but I’ll still be their friend from a distance. 

Other UH Maui Students New Year’s Resolutions:

“My new year resolution is to have a good year and get to see and hang out with my friends after this whole Covid-19 thing is all over so we can go back to the good times #isurvivedcovid19.” -Victoria Leong

“My resolution is to be happy and to surround myself with people who love me.  Also to learn how to take criticism and learn to grow even it hurts.”-Kaelyn Garaganza

“My resolution is to start socializing more since due to covid I’ve just closed myself off and procrastinate less on assignments/ finding new homework tactics to not get distracted as easily.” -Briana Alexa Lazo-Corado 

“I think my New Year’s resolution is to move out of my grandparents house by the end of 2021! And to finish writing a book I am currently working on, a murder mystery.” -Kili’Ohu Robis

“My new year’s resolution is to work on my self love and see if there’s any difference from now till the end of next year.” -Kili Bulusan

“My New Year Resolution is to be active, I want to exercise regularly to get in shape.” -Althea Lorraine Ulit

“My resolution is to cut down on smoking and to continue striving towards my educational goals.  I hope to take my spiritual practice to another level and possibly get a boyfriend!”- Aysha Jarnesky

UH Maui Faculty And Staff Resolutions:

“My resolution is to get more exercise.” – Julie Powers, Instructor

“My resolution is to be more balanced.” -Gemma Medina, Instructor

“My new year resolution is to be happy with what I have.” -Karen, Disability Services Counselor

“To approach anything I do with a positive mindset and attitude and to complete all tasks moving forward with a goal-oriented approach.” -Albert, Student Life Director

“My New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 are to drink more water, sleep at a reasonable time,  practice meditation daily and write in a journal every day.” -Kristin, TLC Tutor 

Photograph Provided By Britney Bautista

I hope each and every one of you can make a New Years goal or resolution.  Stick with it and write it down somewhere as a reminder to wake up and accomplish it. It could be as simple as turning in assignments on time 80% of the time.  Students, I wish you a great Spring 2021 semester and hope you can focus hard in all your classes while continuing to remain safe.  Whether on campus or off campus for classes, let’s try to forget 2020 and focus on this new year of endless possibilities and opportunities to flourish. 

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