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Instructor Spotlight: Mark Malone Of The Culinary Arts Program

Instructor Spotlight: Mark Malone Of The Culinary Arts Program
October 2, 2021 Britney Bautista

The University of Hawaii Maui College offers a diverse variety of staff and faculty members who are available and ready to  guide young men and women to success.  Students gain so much by getting to know and utilize these connections.  This article will shine a spotlight on Mark Malone,  an instructor who has been with UHMC for 5 years and counting.  Mark is a lecturer for the UHMC Culinary Arts Program.

Student Writer Britney Bautista Zoom Interviews Mark Malone

Creative, colorful and engaging are Mark’s choice of words when summing up his days spent instructing at UHMC.  He teaches Fall and Spring laboratory Courses – Hands On – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am – 4:00pm.  Mark has been enlightening students and empowering each one to focus on immersing themselves in learning since he joined UHMC in 2016.  Mark says that teaching can be challenging. 

“The challenge for me is to make that theory happen for each student that passes through my classroom.  To reach each student in a way that they can see their true potential and truly rise!  I am a passionate person-so much that I consider myself blessed  to have chosen a career that- although it is work, it is also fun, it is also exciting.  It is my art, it is my give back.  My desire is that all of our students can see their careers from that lens.”  Mark advises students to choose a career, stick to it, and enthrall yourself in it.  Then be patient.

“With patience comes peace that passes all understanding. With peace you can see your true potential and be knowledgeable, with knowledge comes power (good power) and with these traits you can do anything that you set out to do.’’

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Mark says the students are what make it all worth it.  He shared a memorable moment he experienced during his career here.

“Having a student choose our restaurant at UHMC, The Class Act as their internship experience.  It was an honor. We learned a lot together. Most importantly,  it allowed the student to evaluate my management style. It was enriching in the end to be invited by the student to attend the student’s final presentation.  I was overwhelmed with emotion to hear the accolades.  Most important though, was the opportunity to hear the student’s profound, solid constructive feedback on what was identified as a challenge.  I realized at that moment more than ever, that the student voice is truly the key to our success at UHMC.’’

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