The Human Services program is designed to prepare students to work with people of all ages. The curriculum is organized around a core of courses that provide skills and knowledge needed by human service workers. In addition to the General Human Services degree, there is one Associate in Science (AS) degree specialization in Substance Abuse Counseling.

Contact the program coordinator, Lee Stein, at 984-3338, or by email at for a careful selection of courses.

Requirements for Certificate of Competence (CO):
2.0 GPA required in courses taken for CO.

Issues in Aging: 9 credits
Human Services 145(3), 101 or 248(3), 194 or 294(3)
Case Management: 9 credits
Human Services 140(3), 248(3), 194 or 294(3)
Dynamics of Family Violence: 9 credits
Human Services 140(3), 248(3), 194 or 294(3)
Health Navigator: 9 credits
Human Services 101(3), 140(3) or 248(3), 194 or 294(3)
Substance Abuse Counseling I: 9 creditsa
Human Services 140(3), 268(3), 194(3) or 294(3)
Substance Abuse Counseling II: 9 creditsa
Human Services 245(3), 270(3), 194 or 294(3)
Youth Development Practitioner: 9 credits
Human Services 130(3), 140(3) or 248(3), 256(3)


Health Navigator/Community Health Worker (C)): 23 credits A grade of C or better in all courses for this certificate.
The Health Navigator/Community Health Work Certificate of Completion prepares individuals to work as unlicensed members of health and human services team providing care for individuals in community-based settings. A significant aspect is the incorporation of the cultural values of communities into the formal structure of the curriculum. Graduates are a resource for aging and health programs, and patient education.
HSER 101(3), 140(3), 248(3), 194 or 294(3), 365(3)
HLTH 125(1), 150(1)-NURS 100(6) can substituted
PHRM 103(1), 104(1), 105(1)
Electives(3) from this list:
HSER 345(3), 256(3),268(3), 270(3), or HLTH 159(4)


Requirements for Certificate of Completion (CC): 
Substance Abuse Counseling: 21 credits
2.0 minimum GPA required in courses taken for CC.
Certificate of Competence (CO) in Substance Abuse Counseling I and II (18), plus HSER 248 (3).


Requirements for Certificate of Achievement (CA):30 credits
General Human Services or Substance Abuse Counseling Specializationa
Human Service 110(3), 140(3), 194(3)
Family Resources 230 or Psychology 240(3)
Sociology 100(3)-General Education elective
English 100(3)
Mathematics 100, 103b, 111, 115, or Philosophy 110(3)c
HSER 245 or 248(3)
HSER specialization/interest elective(6)d


aNote: All Substance Abuse Counseling certificates (CO and CA) require practicum/internship placements in addition-related program focusing on the 12 Core Functions of a substance abuse counselor.
bNote:  MATH 103 strongly recommended for transfer to UHWO BASS program.
cNote: Student using PHIL 110 to meet this requirement must place at the MATH 100 level in order to graduate.
dNote: Electives related to students’ specialization or occupational interests as determined with program advisor.


Requirements for Associate in Science (AS) Degree: 60 credits
General Human Services or Substances Abuse Counseling Specialization
All CA courses(30) plus:
Human Service 294(3)
Psychology 100(3)
Communication 145 or Speech 151(3)
English 100(3) (if taken for CA, add 3 cr. specialization elective)
Humanities(3)-HWST 107 recommended
Natural Science(3)-FSHN 185 recommended
Specialization/interest electives(3)d
ICS 101 or BUSN 151(3)
Electives (6)


Human Services with Substance Abuse Counseling Specialization
All CA courses (30) plus:
Courses in General AS above including remaining courses for CC in Substance Abuse Counseling. The Substance Abuse Counseling Specialization requires the courses (21 credits) for the CC in Substance Abuse Counseling.


Full-time students in General Human Services or Substance Abuse Counseling Specialization would take courses in this sequence:

First Semester (Fall)  Credits
COM 145 Interpersonal Communication-recommended
or SP 151 Personal and Public Speech  3
ENG 100 Composition I  3
ICS 101 or BUSN 151  3
Second Semester (Spring) Credits
PSY 100 Survey of Psychology 3
HSER 140 Techniques Counseling & Interviewing 3
HSER Specialization/Interest electived 3
MATH 100, 103b,111, 115, or PHIL 110c 3
Humanities-HWST 107 recommended 3
Third Semester (Fall) Credits
 HSER 194 Practicum in Community Service 3
 HSER 245 or 248        3
 FAMR 230 or PSY 240        3
 HSER Specialization/interest electives        6
Fourth Semester (Spring) Credits
HSER 294 Practicum in Community Service       3
HSER Specialization/interest electived       3
Natural Science-FSHN 185 recommended       3
Elective       6