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PRESS RELEASE: Four students selected to participate in two-week immersion program to the Philippines

IM Ready

The I.M. Ready program is part of the UH Maui College International Center of Innovation and Research, which aims to bring the local and international community to the college as a hub of applied research and innovation, and expand opportunities for both students and faculty for global engagement.

Corporate and individual partners are invited to support the program by making a tax-deductible donation to UH Foundation. For more information, contact Kit Zulueta at or (808) 984-3398.

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I'm Ready

2018 Cohort Partner: UH Maui College Kabalikat Council, Study Abroad: PHILIPPINES

The 2018 I.M. Ready program is a partnership with universities in the PHILIPPINES.

The purpose of the Kabalikat Council is to promote the advancement of Filipinos in higher education at the University of Hawaii Maui College. The Council includes Maui Filipino community leaders in various fields, as well as UH Maui College staff. This year, the Council is embarking on a major donor campaign to launch and help sustain a global competency course for existing and potential students called the I.M. Ready program, which stands for International Mobility.

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The purpose of the program is to provide our students international mobility, so they can say “I.M. Ready.”

Kabalikat Council will raise funds to provide select and qualified I.M. Ready students a scholarship to earn college credits from a customized course in a partner university abroad. The scholarship includes the program course, airfare, accommodations and a stipend.

Students in the program will be exposed to studying and living abroad, as well as an opportunity to meet champions in their chosen fields from our partner universities. The experience also allows students to immerse themselves in another lifestyle, such as taking public transportation and grocery shopping. These experiences promote independence, responsibility and global sensibilities that are highly desired in today’s workforce.

Cohorts will be able to include their I.M. Ready program experience in their resumes – international mobility skills sought by employers. Most important, they will expand their network and build lasting relationships beyond the islands of Maui County.

When this program enables a student to say “I.M. Ready” to face career and life challenges, then we know their success is ours too.

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To be admitted to the program, students will need to complete an application. The I.M. Ready program is similar to a scholarship application process. A short list of candidates may be called in for an interview by Kabalikat Council’s selection committee. The final selected students will be part of a cohort that will undergo an on-boarding process to prepare for their trip.

The inaugural I.M. Ready cohort is scheduled to attend a two-week course in the Philippines in July 2018.


  • High School seniors who are attending the UH Maui College in Spring 2018.

  • Continuing UH Maui College students who are enrolling in Spring 2018.

  • Returning UH Maui College students who are enrolling in Spring 2018.

Applications must be submitted by Oct. 31, 2017 4 p.m. HST.

Selected applicants will go through an on-boarding process and learning contract to prepare for the trip. The student, or legal guardian, shall sign a liability waiver.

  • If selected to the program, the delegate will be trained and will be required to maintain a blog that will journal their experiences.

  • Applicants must have a valid passport by January 2018.

  • Delegates are responsible for their own health insurance and must consult with own physician prior to travel.

  • All expenses outside the approved itinerary shall be shouldered by the delegate.

This Study Abroad course is HOST 190V. Pre-requisite: IS 104B, IS 104C, or IS 104D with grade C or better.


A. Cover letter – state briefly why you are applying and how you hope to benefit from the experience of being part of the I.M. Ready cohort to the Philippines. Explain how the program fits within the context of your past experiences and future plans.

B. Application form – download here

C. Essays – provide your responses on separate sheets of paper with your name and the question number on top of each sheet. We suggest using 12-point, Arial font.

1. What are your long-range goals and objectives in pursuing your degree? How do you hope to engage the I.M. Ready program to meet these goals? What types of classes or programs in the Philippines do you think would benefit your goals? (Maximum length: 500 words)

2. Write a brief biographical essay in which you discuss your background and reasons for applying for the I.M. Ready program to the Philippines. Describe relevant experiences and interest in the Philippines. (Maximum length: 500 words)

3. How have you been involved in civic engagement and community service activities over the past five years? (Maximum length: 250 words)

4. Part of the requirement for the program is a daily journal online in a form of a blog, to share your experiences and insights during your immersion experience. In addition to the blog, how else do you plan to share your experiences with the campus community when you return to Maui? (Maximum length: 250 words)

D. Letter of reference – You are required to submit no more than 2 letters of reference, completed by someone who have played a significant role in your education or work experience. Letters from senior professors in your major field are helpful.

E. Selfie with 200-word bio

Call the International Office at (808) 984-3398, or email

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Application form


A. Cover letter
B. Application form
C. Essays
D. Letter of reference
E. Selfie with 200-word bio

Good luck!