I’m Tara Furukawa and I’m the Program Specialist a.k.a. the data person for Title III.  Is it what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little girl? Of course not!  I wanted to be like Connie Chung on CBS news so I went to the University of Southern California and majored in journalism and political science.  By the end of college, I knew I didn’t love writing enough that I wanted to do it for a living, so I worked for a while and then went back to USC to earn a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  While there, I took statistics classes that now help me crunch numbers for Ben and other staff to make program/policy decisions and to learn more about the Native Hawaiian haumana.

Also, because my stepsons are part-Hawaiian, I am hoping they both see that, if they set their mind to it, with the help of a program like ours, they too can succeed in college!