Hui K.U.K.U.I.’s goals:

Kōkua (help, aide, and assist) our mentees with their acclimation to UHMC.  We offer a deep understanding and show empathy for any problems or concerns our students may have.  Through proper ka‘a‘ike (communication) we will be able to effectively create ongoing and meaningful relationships between mentors and peers.  We will facilitate the social and academic transitions to school life, thereby increasing persistence, academic success and ulu a‘e (overall growth).  By offering our insight and experience we hope to help participants gain knowledge of campus resources including academic, social, and health support networks, and opportunities for involvement and leadership.

We are also able to help students’ objectives:

  • To develop and enhance a sense of student identity

  • To become effectively integrated into the school, faculty, and campus as a whole

  • To articulate a sense of purpose and place at UHMC and within their particular program of study

  • To learn to be contributing members of an organization/community

  • To acquire the necessary skills to become independent and life-long learners

  • To embrace the responsibility for achieving success academically