Hello! My name is Aaron Tiu and I’ve been a Peer Mentor here for 2 years and ongoing. I earned my AS Degree in Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) from Maui Community College in 2004, studied at UH Mānoa for two years in an attempt to earn a BA in Electrical Engineering, but transferred back to this campus to study the basics of web design and ecommerce marketing. I operate a blog called, “The Rave Corner,” a place for those, who are in the figure collecting hobby and other forms of Asian pop culture. My career goal is to run or work for a successful website that provides event coverage of popular toy and comic book conventions, as well as product reviews.

I may seem unfriendly, but the truth is I’m normally shy especially around folks I’ve met or seen for the first time. However, I still try to get to know everyone and that’s when I engage in more conversations. The next time you see me, feel free to say “Hi” and assist me in getting to know you better.