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Student Testimonies


My first semester here at UHMC was a learning experience. I realized now, that I needed to put forth more of an effort of my own to get things done. To make sure my financial aid status was completed, not delayed. The workload that I had to commit too outside of school, which hindered my personal life. I tried to do both, but at the end of the semester, I faltered. However, this semester, I feel more prepared and organized at this time, than I was last semester. I am more aware of what to expect from each of my classes and how much workload I need to invest outside of school. My goal is to do much better this semester and mostly making the Dean’s List.

If I can offer any suggestion to new students here at UHMC is that to make sure you follow step by step instruction regarding FAFSA, financial aid. Most importantly, to make sure you know exactly what career path you want to take. In addition, to know when to drop a class, if you know it is not going to benefit you or your career. Utilize every resource that is available to you on and off campus. I realized later that the resources was all around me, I just needed to ask. I am excited coming back to school this semester, especially because I now know what I need to do to reach my goals.

-Jeffrey Honokaupu


My first experience in school wasn’t so good. I didn’t do so well during my first semester. I didn’t take school seriously. Summer seemed to be my turn around point. I took classes during the summer and passed with B’s. After I realized that I could get good grades in school, I tried harder and began putting all my effort into school. I have a few tips for students: don’t hesitate to ask for help, make tutoring appointments if needed, and don’t be scared to talk to you instructor.

-Krysti Bukoski



My name is Tanyalynn Enaena and my experiences as a student has been a great turn around in my life. I thought I would never stick with completing my education, but I had a lot of people on my side telling me that they have faith in me and I can do anything as long as I stick it out no matter how hard it’s going to be. Without my mentors, teachers, tutors and counselors by my side, I wouldn’t be getting the good grades that I have been getting for the past three semesters. So my advice to the new students is don’t be afraid to ask for help because little do you know there are a lot of help just waiting for you.

-Tanyalynn Enaena