Aloha all,

My name is Kim Spenser and I am a peer mentor here at Kaiao. I was born and raised here on Maui.  I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in psychology through UH Hilo as a part of their former distant program. This fall of 2016 will be my last semester, I then plan on moving on to bigger and better things as I transition into a masters program. I am a UHMC alumnus and graduated from here with my liberal arts degree back in 2013. Before that I previously attended Windward Community College for a semester and obtained certification as a nurse’s aide through their program. As a peer mentor, I am here to help motivate and guide you throughout your academic pathway, which is especially beneficial during your first year of college experience. I feel that it is crucially important as a first year student to become familiar with the campus and all the various campus resources that are offered here to help us out as college students. It is my obligation, as your mentor, to be there to help you in any type of academic requisite and to provide any type of information that I can acquire that you may need.

I can tutor:

English 22 and 100

ICS 101

Art 101

History 151 or 152

Communications 145

Psychology 100 and above