Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows

 2009-2010 Fellows

Kimberly Unemori Skog

After graduating from Seabury Hall, Kimberly attended Pomona College where she began to pursue a degree in Astronomy.  However, seeking to broaden her horizons, she transferred to James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, where she would receive her degree (BSocSci Honors) in Anthropology.  Since starting her life on her grandfather’s pineapple farm, and having lived and studied abroad, Kimberly has developed a profound appreciation for Maui’s unique natural environment and multicultural dynamic.  Kimberly began working as a land use planner with Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc. in 2007, and she has previously worked with the Maui Economic Development Board, Inc. and the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui.

When not in the office, Kimberly is likely enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.  Participating in sports since a young age, Kimberly can often be found on the tennis courts or on the soccer fields where she coaches.  While at home in Ha‘iku, she spends time reading and tending to her garden.