Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows

 2010-2011 Fellows

Mark Klemen

 Aloha!  My name is Mark Klemen. I was born and raised in Chicago, started working when I was 12 at the Chicago Board of Trade and Options Exchange and opened my own business, the Funky Buddha Lounge, when I was 21.  On Earth Day 2005, I opened the country's first sustainably built (complete with solar powered DJ booth) and uncompromisingly organic venue, the Butterfly Social Club.  

Three years ago, I sold my businesses and moved to Maui to be at the source of the most vital foods, the best water and air on the planet!

I am taking part in the fellowship to broaden my understanding of the environmental challenges we face on this island.  I am excited to increase my network of concerned, informed and active citizens here on Maui! 

I believe we must be the source of the changes we need.  We will have to work together to find effective and practical solutions to the challenges we face.  It is my goal to help spread honest information and lead and inspire by example.

I also hope, that each one of us will make several changes to our lifestyles to immediately increase our beneficial impact on this island.  For example, we all quite easily can make a pledge to stop buying disposable bottled waters in favor of refilling our own glass bottles and we can all carry a reusable bag to the store rather than receiving a disposable bag (whether its paper or plastic! : ).

I am grateful to be an active part of this amazing movement!!