Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows

 2007-2008 Fellows

Alexander De Roode

Alex de Roode has recently returned home to Maui after completing a Master of Science degree in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  He assumed the position of Executive Director of the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) in September, 2007.  Alex first established roots on Maui in 1984.  After returning to his native France for several years, Alex and his family returned to Maui in 1992.  Alex graduated from Seabury Hall in 1994 and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics and International Affairs.  Alex loves to travel and discover new cultures and places.  His travels have led him to live and study in Colorado, New York, Denmark, Spain, and Panama.  His love for languages has also allowed him to develop fluency in Spanish, French, and some Danish.  Alex’s primary interests lie in teaching, promoting, and deepening his understanding of sustainability, particularly in how it relates to tropical agriculture and traditional peoples in an international development context.  He has a love for the natural environment and spends much of his free time hiking, gardening, and enjoying Maui’s diverse ecosystems.  He is also a staunch proponent of minimizing human impact on planet Earth’s natural resources, particularly through human innovation and biomimicry (emulating natural processes), and preserving these resources for future generations.