Q. To be eligible for the Ku`ina Program, do I have to be a specific ethnicity?

A.  Eligibility for Ku`ina is based strictly on age and income. Ku`ina is here to support youth between the ages of 16 through 21.

      Youth of ANY ethnicity can apply.

Q. Is this program like a scholarship? Where I have to maintain certain grades or be a fulltime student?

A. Ku`ina is similar to a scholarship, but better because you do not have to maintain a specific GPA or be a full-time or part-time students to receive the services. All you have to do is be in good standing with the program.

Q. What is the difference between your program and other student support services on campus?

A. Because of the type of funding we have, Ku`ina is able to offer additional services that other programs do not offer.

Q.  Is Ku`ina part of UH Maui College?

A. Ku`ina is funded through the Dept. of Labor. Our location on the UH Maui College campus is a benefit for our students as we are able provide access into post-secondary education as well as many other resources to help you reach your goals, whether academic or career.

Q. What if I just graduated from high school with good grades, but just can’t afford to pay for college, will the Ku`ina Program still be able to help me?

A. We would encourage you to fill out an application regardless of your grades, because our decision is not based on a single criteria. Eligibility is based on age and income.

Q. Can I belong to more than one program or support service?

A. Yes, you can be a participant of the Ku`ina Program and others. We encourage you to participate in as many programs that you qualify for. The more support you have while pursuing your education, the more successful you will be.

Q.  Can you pay for tuition cost?

A.  Yes.  All you need to do is fill out the FAFSA form.  We can also offer assistance in in paying for your textbooks, uniforms and other related educational expenses such as culinary supplies, nursing supplies, automotive supplies, etc…

Q.  Can you help me find a job?

A.  Yes. Ku`ina will prepare you to enter the workforce by providing you with job readiness training and then by placing you into paid internships.