UHMC Library


UHMC Library Collections



  • audio/visual (MEDIA)—CDs, DVDs, videotapes
  • Closed Reserve (CLOS RES)
  • Closed Shelves (CLOS)
  • folio (f)
  • general collection (no prefix)
  • Hawaiian (HAWN)
  • Reserve (RES)


  • Closed Reserve (CLOS RES)—has D0 code
  • Closed Shelves Reference (CLOS REF)
  • Hawaiian Reference (HAWN REF)
  • Info Desk (items that are permanently part of this collection have prefix INFO; all items [permanent and temporary] have a sticker that indicates INFO DESK)
  • Maps (MAP)
  • Periodical (PERIODICAL)—includes microfilm
  • Reference (REF)
  • Reserve (RES)—has D0 code

January 16, 2013 1:31 PM