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UHMC Library is a University of Hawai'i library.
The college library is not a public library. UHMC Library is not affiliated with or a branch of the Hawai'i State Public Library System.

As a service to the community, borrower cards are available to Hawai'i residents, age 18 and over, according to the following fee schedule.

Hawai'i residents:

$30.00 for six months and
$60.00 for one year

Senior citizens (60+ years):

$20.00 for six months and
$30.00 for one year.

Community user applicants must be Hawai'i residents and show valid proof of residency.

Borrowers are responsible for all material checked out with their cards and will be assessed replacement costs and handling fees if material is damaged or lost.

Books checked out may be recalled by a UH/UHMC student, staff member, or faculty member.

Types of materials that may be borrowed: All general circulation books, including Hawaiian collection.

Types of materials that may not be borrowed or used in the library, include:

  • videotapes, CDs, DVDs or other items from the MEDIA collection.
  • items in Closed Shelves, Closed Reserve, Reserve, or class videos

Loan periods: 28 days, one renewal

Borrowing limit: Total of 10 books checked out at a time. Account is blocked at $10 in fines or one lost book.

Fines: 25¢ per day

Lost/damaged items : Full replacement cost of item plus $10 overdue fine and $10 non-refundable processing fee. Standard total for most lost items is $80, this amount may be greater.

Other Services to Community Users

Library workstations (computers): Library computers requre a UH username and password to login, and are available only to current University of Hawai'i students and staff. Non-affiliated users will be asked to relinquish Internet workstations.  Any user may be asked to show valid UH identification. See the library's workstation policy.

Wireless: UH wireless requires a UH username and ID number, and is available only to current University of Hawai'i students and staff.

Library equipment: Community users may not use library equipment, such as, but not limited to, headphones, typewriters, audio players, DVD players, and videotape players.

Reference service: Librarians provide service at the reference desk during scheduled hours. However, we limit the amount of research assistance we will provide to the public. Community users should look to the public library as their first source of assistance, and will be referred there at the discretion of the librarian.

For research help of an academic nature, please contact UH External Services. If you are a student, either living on or visiting Maui, from a non-UH college, please contact your school's library for help.

Likewise, patrons from the general public who telephone with reference questions deemed suitable for the public library or UH External Services will be referred there.

Interlibrary and intrasystem loans: UHMC library does not extend interlibrary or intrasystem loans to community users. Please contact UH External Services for help on this.

Class tours and library instruction: The library provides tours and library instruction only to University of Hawai'i students and staff, or at the request of valid UH entities.

Visiting scholars: At the discretion of the librarian, the library may extend greater library privileges (barring borrowing of any library materials, ISL, or ILL) to visiting scholars who present valid credentials.

Minors: Children aged 16 and under are not permitted to use or enter the library unless they are escorted by an adult or are registered UH students.

It is the policy of the University of Hawai'i to deny access to any member of the user community (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and community) who violates this policy or who uses the university’s resources to violate other duly established policies or laws.

Last updated or verified: January 16, 2013 1:32 PM