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Interlibrary Loan


The purpose of this service is:

  • Obtain library material not available at University of Hawai'i system libraries, libraries on Maui, or the Hawaii Public Library System from libraries either within the state or at libraries on the mainland.
  • Loan material found only at University of Hawai'i Maui College Library that is not obtainable elsewhere to requesting libraries.
  • IntraSystem loan (ISL) is the service used to obtain/loan materials within the UH Libraries' system.
  • All transactions follow the ALA's National Interlibrary Loan Code and the conditions set up by the loaning library.
  • All patrons photocopying material from an interlibrary loan transaction must be within the guidelines set up by the copyright laws.


  • Patron to UHMC
    • Community users are not eligible for ILL.
    • All patrons must be registered in Voyager before receiving ILL services.
    • Patrons must agree to pay all required fees and charges for the service.
    • Patrons must complete an ILL request form.  The reference librarian will review the form and may refuse to submit it to another lending library if it is incomplete or if the request is inappropriate.
    • Material that cannot be circulated may be photocopied for a fee.
    • The patron must return all borrowed materials by the end of the established period.  ILL materials should be returned in the same condition that they are borrowed.
    • Requests for items that are not obtainable from libraries within the state of Hawai'i must contain complete and accurate bibliographic information.
    • Requests for renewal of materials should be made before the material is due at the lending library if that collection allows renewals.
    • The patron should notify UHMC Library if a request is no longer needed.
    • A patron may be denied ILL privileges if he habitually returns books late (3 or more times), or has other outstanding library obligations.

  • UHMC Library to Patron
    • Inform the patrons of the purpose of interlibrary loan and of the library's borrowing policy.
    • Inform the patron of the probable time it would take for UHMC Library to receive the material.
    • Inform the patron of any probable charges in advance.
    • Notify the patron when the material arrives.
    • Inform the patron when the request will go out of the state of Hawai'i, where, and check whether they still wish to obtain the material.
    • After two weeks all unfulfilled requests will be given the requesting librarian. The librarian will call the patron to advise them that their requests are still pending. The librarian will explore other options with the patron.

  • UHMC Library to Lending Library
    • Each library should provide the resources to meet the ordinary needs and interests of its primary clientele.  Materials requested from another library should generally be limited to those items that do not conform to the library's collection development policy or for which there is no recurring demand.
    • UHMC Library should make every effort to exhaust their own resources before initiating an interlibrary loan request.
    • As set forth in the National Interlibrary Loan Code, the borrowing library (UHMC) assumes responsibility for the safety of borrowed material from the time the material is charged out until it is returned safely to the lending library.  In cases of loss or damage, UHMC Library is expected to attend to the details of procuring a replacement, or must meet all costs of repair or replacement.
    • Standard interlibrary loan ALA forms should be used for all requests.
    • UHMC Library should encourage patrons to travel to other libraries for on-site access to material when extensive use of a collection is required.
    • UHMC should not "raid" the lending libraries collections; requests should be made for 1 or 2 books on the same subject, but not more.

  • Requests by remote methods (mail, email, telephone)
    • Requests by remote methods may be accepted providing the patron has all the pertinent information.
    • Up to two requests via email can be deemed reasonable; if a patron has more, the patron should come in to fill out the request form himself.

Limitations of service

  • ILL requests will be denied if the material is:
    • part of the library's Media (DVDs, CDs videotapes), Closed Shelves, Reserve collections
    • Reference material.
    • Library Use Only.
    • Rare or valuable material.
    • Available from the public library, or obtainable through a local or online bookstore.

Requests will be processed by ILL clerk, and sent via USPS Priority Mail or equlivant to the requesting library.

Charges to non-UH libraries borrowing UHMC materials are the same as UH External Services fees.

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