University of Hawai’i Maui College (UHMC) has established a Maui Educational Consortium with local Maui County K-12 schools and community agencies. This Consortium promotes collaboration and partnerships that honor and build community capability to improve student learning and achievement, and work to connect students to a wealth of UHMC learning resources.

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Students Connecting

The Maui Educational Consortium uses the slogan —Students Connecting— as a banner to mobilize a county-wide community that focuses on the learner. Students Connecting engages learners by actively involving them in their ...

Acquisition of Knowledge

Application within Context

Integration for Understanding

Association for Problem Solving

Students Connecting

explores teaching and learning, the ways people learn best. It promotes contextual learning or learning that thrives when close relationships with actual experience allow learners to make their own connections ...

between information and experience,

between school and the world,

between one subject-matter discipline and another, and

between their past knowledge and present challenges, their present challenges and future responsibilities.

Students Connecting

sparks a spirit of discovery in our learners by joining the skillful hand to the educated mind.