UH Maui Fit Class Descriptions

//UH Maui Fit Class Descriptions
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Class Descriptions

Boot Camp

A fitness boot camp is type of group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. Boot Camp training often commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights/objects, pulling rubber TRX straps, pushups/situps, plyometrics, and various types of intense explosive routines.

Freestyle Core Training

Your core provides strength and stability for the rest of your body, which is why it is important to develop these muscle groups. The core not only consists of the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis, better known as the abdominal muscles, but it also includes the obliques, lower-back and glutes. A great core workout needs to address each area and from multiple angles to get a toned six-pack and a powerful midsection.

Hit Fit

Hit Fit is a non-contact cardiac boxing class that incorporates strength and conditioning! You will learn the basics of punching and kicking in this martial arts based class. Cardiac-boxing helps condition the body though muscle building, gaining balance, agility and coordination. Please note Hit Fit requires boxing gloves and hand wraps. 


Kick Fit

Kick Fit is an intense total body work out and is a combination of kickboxing and aerobic fitness which helps improve your coordination, flexibility and conditioning.


Horizon Circuit Training

If you are looking to build lean muscle strength and endurance in a short amount of time then look no further. Horizon Circuit Training offers multiple high volume intensity drills with low volume weight exercise stations that will put your body to the test.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins , being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact  fighter very efficient. Please note, Muay Thai requires shin guards, mouthpiece, boxing gloves and handwraps. Loner equipment is available for first-time members.


R.I.P.P.E.D. – The One Stop Body Shock™ is a “Plateau Proof Fitness Formula” that helps you to create continuity, consistency and challenge in each and every R.I.P.P.E.D. class. It is Plateau Proof, because each component of the workout provides a uniquely different emphasis or system response, so your body never gets accustomed to the constantly changing format.


Yoga is a non aerobic exercise that combines a mixture of precise movements, breathing exercises, and meditation. As the term Yoga is derived from ancient Sanskrit, meaning “union”, one of the most widely used definitions to describe this fitness class is, ” Yoga is the practice of uniting the mind, body and spirit”. Through Yoga, you will learn how to create balance throughout your body, developing strength and flexibility over time through the use of poses and stretching. Other techniques used within a Yoga class  include: breathing movements, call and response to chanting, meditation, or an inspirational reading by your Yoga teacher. Feel relaxed, energized and renewed!

Open Gym

A comfortable gym atmosphere where the feel is real. Two hours of access to an open gym facility with a Certified Group Fitness Trainer available to assist you!

Equipment Available:

  • Barbells
  • Heavy Weights
  • Battle Ropes
  • Jump Ropes
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Spin Bikes
  • Stepping Platforms
  • Light Weight Dumbbells
  • Treadmill
  • Weight Stations
  • Punching Bags
  • And More Coming Soon!! 


This is an exercise system that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind. Pilates utilizes specifically designed exercise apparatus and is supervised by highly trained teachers. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back. Pilates is an integral part of health, fitness, balance and strength.  In class we create a consciousness to every movement so you can better understand how you move, to break it down, how bone to muscle and nerve connections work.  In doing so, you create strength in the core, improve alignment, increase speed, power and flexibility.  Because of Pilates class focus on small stabilizer muscles, professional football players, basketball players, and ballet dancers, all of whom rely on their body condition for their careers, trust Pilates to give them the edge. For the rest of us, we will stand taller, look healthier, support our daily routines better, and prevent injury, by adding Pilates to our workout routine.



Utilizing techniques from traditional Pilates classes, where you engage the mind and body, the Roll-with-it-Pilates class also incorporates the uses of Foam Rollers, Bosu and Stability Balls. Use the foam roller and other balance challenging tools to challenge the stabilizers, improve balance, and create length and flexibility in tight muscles. Roll-with-it-Pilates will help increase your flexibility, tone and increase balance.


Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training. You will be moving, shaking and burning calories – while having a blast doing it! Zumba movements and dance routines include a mix of hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo – perfectly choreographed to fun and lively music. Zumba will help you build strength, improve your movement, and help with posture!! It is also a great place to come and socialize as well!!