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Intensive English Program (IEP)

Intensive English students live on Maui and study at MLI until they are ready to advance to the credit program at University of Hawaii Maui College. Students typically stay in this program for 8 weeks – 18 months. At the end of their time in the program, students will feel confident and have the skills to take courses at the university with native English speakers. Some students take these courses for professional or personal enrichment as well.

What is the Maui Language Institute?

The Maui Language Institute (MLI) is an accredited English as a Second Language program at University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC). MLI also offers unique, customized short-term programs for international visitors as groups or as individuals that explore the diverse and unique facets of the island community.

MLI is an intensive, English as a Second Language program located on the beautiful, tropical island of Maui. MLI provides international students from around the world English language instruction of the highest quality from trained, experienced ESL professionals.


What types of students attend the Maui Language Institute?

MLI is intended for all students who want to improve their English skills for academic, professional, or personal reasons. MLI is able to accommodate the learning needs and goals of a multitude of different students.


When are the courses for the Maui Language Institute?
MLI courses are offered year round (from January to December) in 8-week sessions.

MLI has an open enrollment policy for Non-F1 students. Non-F1 students may enter in mid-session with the permission of the MLI Director. Please see the schedule/tuition for more information on MLI’s academic calendar.


Why is the Maui Language Institute the perfect choice for ELL students?

MLI provides superior English language instruction in a warm, stimulating environment. MLI classes are small and intimate allowing students to have individualized attention from our highly qualified and experienced faculty.MLI curriculum balances skill-based classes with content-based classes to create an opportunity for students to improve their language abilities and to use English in meaningful and purposeful ways. MLI also encourages students to use English beyond our classroom, whether in college, in business, or in students’ personal lives. With MLI’s location on the warm, beautiful sunny island of Maui, students have a unique opportunity to study at a first-class language program on one of the most popular and highly rated tropical islands in the world.


Where do the students stay on Maui?

Students arrange their own housing. There are many options within commuting distance including hostels, Bed and Breakfasts, condos, etc.


Do you offer Private Tutoring?

We do!  Private tutoring begins at $75/hr for private tutoring and $50/hr for semi-private tutoring.  Contact us for more information.

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