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 Kilian – Switzerland
 I was extremely satisfied having studied private English instruction at the Maui Language Institute. The instructors
 were very knowledgable and tailored their lessons according to my language learning needs. Although I was on
 Maui for only a short time, I was able to achieve my goals. MLI is the perfect language school for any English
 learning adult.
 Wen Cai – China
 I came to the United States because I was in university in China and needed a change. I decided to come to Maui
 because I heard about MLI from friends in China, and I love Maui’s endless summer and beautiful views. At first I was
 nervous about speaking and listening. Also, I was worried about my classmates. But it’s been easy to make close
 relationships and have a lot of friends. Also, I feel really safe here and the people are good and kind. One of the things I
 like most about MLI is the grammar classes. The teachers are easy to talk to and they like to help you. On Maui, I like to
 shop and go to the beach. I also like singing… anywhere! When I finish MLI, I want to major in Accounting at UHMC.
 Coming to MLI was the right choice for me. It has changed my life.
Catherine – France
MLI was a very very good experience for me. The instructors were attentive to my concerns and expectations. I felt as though I succeeded with my English language studies and will be back to MLI again.
Carlos – Chile
 Maui is one of the most well known places in the world to practice windsurfing.  The variety of beaches, the different  
 waves, the rental shops, and the quality of the equipment and friendly local sailors, it makes your sailing very pleasant. 
 Most of the beach parks are open from 11 AM and the good wind starts at 1 PM, and lasts until 6 or 7 PM.  So why don’t
 you spend some time in your morning and study English? The Maui Language Institute has an international English  
 school for foreign students with all levels. Classes are in the morning and you will learn English from a dedicated staff of
 teachers. The college is located 5 minutes from the famous spot, Kanaha Park, and I am sure you will enjoy the friendly
 ambiance. The Maui Language Institute helped me have a schedule where I could study English in the morning, and
 windsurf in the afternoon. At an affordable price, why don’t you add English to your vacation?

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