Important Information on COVID-19

Distance Education

We are now offering free Community Drive Thru Wi-Fi Access on our campus.  Hours of Operation 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.  Network Name: UHMC STUDENT  Password:  wifi20@uhmc  This service is for educational needs only.  Follow social distancing protocol at all times.  No restroom access.  No outdoor trash bins.  Please take your opala with you.  Thank you for helping us care for our campus and staff.

Distance Learning courses are available at University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai through Hawaii Interactive Television System (also known as Skybridge), Cable, and the Internet. A complete listing at the Distance Learning courses at the University of Hawaii system is available online.

Taking a distance learning course, in many cases, provides students greater flexibility.  As a result, you have more control over your own learning, and passing will depend on your self-discipline and commitment.

Click here to take the Self-Assessment Quiz at the University of Hawaii Distance Learning website.  This quiz will help you identify what you will need to be successful in your Distance Learning Course.

Skybridge courses are delivered by a two-way interactive television system between Molokai, the Kahului Campus, and the Hana, Lanai, and Lahaina Education Centers.  

Cable television courses allow students to view classes from home. These sections are regular University of Hawaii Maui College classes broadcast over Oceanic Channel 355 or 27.55 at the times listed. Classes are viewable at University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai but are not taped; however, classes are rebroadcast with a schedule that is announced each semester.

Internet service is strongly suggested for students enrolled in Internet courses. Students should be independent learners familiar with computers. After registering, the student must email the instructor for course information at the address listed on the University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai Schedule of Courses.

For courses above level 300, obtain instructor approval via email.  Students may be required to come in for exams, labs and meetings as requested by the instructor. Please email or see Theresa Tamanaha at least two days in advance for an appointment.  Click here for additional distance learning student support services.  Please also be advised that we have a Laptop and Wi-fi Hotspot Rental Program available for students. Click here for application. Please email Pualei Lima at to make an appointment.  


University Center (Higher Education)




We are excited to offer Bachelor and Graduate Degree Programs through Distance Learning at one of our University of Hawaii campuses.  Click here to learn more about higher education programs available to you. Whether you are looking for a degree program that’s right for you, or you’re already on your path to a degree…..We’re here for you! 


​The mission of the UH Center is to provide Maui County residents access to a selection of bachelor and graduate degrees.


​The UH Center’s vision is to enrich the lives of Maui County residents by offering local access to bachelor’s and graduate degrees that increase the educational capital of the state. It is the aim of the UH Center to increase the number of students participating in and completing degree programs, particularly Native Hawaiians, low-income students, and those from underserved regions.

​​Some of our newest programs include:

UH West Oahu – Baccalaureate in Hospitality & Tourism, Health Care Management or a Certificate in Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management.

UH Manoa – Baccalaureate in Social Work, Early Childhood Education (Cohort), Psychology & Health Care Administration or a Certificate in Peace Studies.

UH Hilo – Master of Counseling Psychology, Indigenous Language & Cultural Education, and many, many more!

You can earn a certificate or degree while living right here on Molokai!  Explore one of our many Distance Learning Programs offered throughout the University of Hawaii campuses online at  Find out more about cost and how to get started at  Get local support at the Molokai Education Center.  Call for more information:  Phone: (808) 553-4490 Opt 3 or email:

Theresa Tamanaha – Distance Education Specialist   Phone: (808) 553-4490 Option #3