aerial_Iao9949_FCan you image a more ideal place to study music that on the island of Maui and at UH-Maui College? There are a variety of music classes taught at UH-Maui College, particulary in the areas of Hawaiian, world, popular and rock music, as well as instruction in piano, guitar, ‘ukulele, vocal performance, theory, composition, music technology and recording, and private instruction by arrangement. Courses taught by the music faculty also play a vital role in the A.S.C. in Hawaiian Music offered by the Institute of Hawaiian Music. You can find more information on the classes that we offer and our faculty and lecturers.

If you are not a current UH Maui College student, you will find information on how to enroll on the UH Maui College’s “Apply Now” page. The schedule of classes for Fall 2014 should be posted by April.