IHM Still Accepting Students For Fall 2013 Semester

The staff and students of the Institute of Hawaiian Music's first cohort. Spring 2013. Photo courtesy John Henry.

The staff and students of the Institute of Hawaiian Music’s first cohort. Spring 2013. Photo courtesy John Henry.

Interested in learning the craft of Hawaiian Music from industry professionals? The Institute of Hawaiian Music (IHM) at UH-Maui College is accepting new students for the Fall 2013 semester. Prospective students will be expected to perform a Hawaiian song or a short medley of songs for six minutes, introduce themselves and their song(s), sing and play their instruments, and carry themselves in a professional manner. Program staff and instructors will conduct interviews and private auditions for interested individuals until August 16, 2013. IHM has already accepted 15 students, and can accommodate another 8-10 students. Scholarship support is available.

The Institute of Hawaiian Music’s (IHM) is a one-of-a-kind musical mentorship program dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of Hawaiian music. Formal university classes are supplemented with direct mentorship sessions led by professional Hawaiian musicians. Students selected for the IHM program will receive exclusive opportunities to receive personal training, guidance, and knowledge through these mentor-mentee relationships with performers, composers and other industry professionals. Some of these mentors and instructors will be the judges for the auditions.

“Starting a career in Hawaiian music can be a challenge,” said IHM Program Coordinator Dr. Keola Donaghy. “Aspiring musicians are often left to their own devices to locate willing mentors and performance partners, receive personal training, find gigs, gain performance experience, produce a recording, and learn the steps necessary to break into the industry. Many don’t reach their true potential because they don’t receive career guidance from experienced, professional musicians.”

IHM will offer classes in guitar, ukulele, singing, keyboard, composition, music theory, repertoire development, dance, music industry business and marketing, and recording. Students will be given training on their instruments, voice, and harmony. They will be directed in repertoire growth, stage presence, and recording techniques. Students will also complete courses in Hawaiian studies and Hawaiian language to understand the cultural roots of their art. Students who successfully complete the two-year program will receive an Academic Subject Certificate (A.C.S) in Hawaiian Music. Students who recently completed the IHM’s first cohort released a compilation CD in May, 2013 entitled “Pukana”, and held their final performance at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s McCoy Theatre.

Please email ihm@hawaii.edu or call (808) 984-3622 to receive additional information about the program or to schedule an interview or audition.

For more information about the Institute of Hawaiian Music, please visit our website at http://maui.hawaii.edu/ihm.

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