Are you curious what it’s like to play the piano?

To play the piano with other pianists?

To learn how to play a new tune?

To get coaching on a piece you’ve been working on?

To see what a piano class is all about? 

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) and in recognition of Veterans Day, Dr Anne Ku and her piano students will be presenting a master class of solo and ensemble performances at the VRC Open House. The VRC is located between the UHMC Health Center and Automotive Technology Building (near Ho’okipa Building).

Photo credit Ruben Navarro

Photo credit: Ruben Navarro

Wednesday November 12, 2014

10 AM to 2 PM

Veterans Resource Center, UHMC

There is so much emphasis on the final product, such as a live performance, that the path to get there remains a mystery behind closed doors. It’s witnessing or participating in the process that one learns. How often do you get to watch and participate?

At the VRC Open House, the public is invited to experience different ways of participating in the path towards a performance, both passively and actively. Whether you call it a workshop, a class held outside the classroom, or a rehearsal, you will learn.

The passive participant is the member of the audience that sits quietly and watches. The active participant is one who moves to the piano and engages with the teacher and other students.

With five digital pianos set-up for this Open House, you can get a one-on-one coaching (a free individual piano lesson so-to-speak), practice with headphones, learn a new piece with other pianists, “jam” i.e. improvise with other players, perform a piece by yourself or with others, or just sit and watch the master class and open rehearsal.

A master class is a combination of performance and coaching (teaching). The audience not only gets to experience a live performance but also receives an education by watching and listening to the coaching of the performer(s) by the teacher.

An open rehearsal is a work-in-progress in front of an audience. The teacher conducts the class as an ensemble, stopping and starting, giving pointers, instructing, and getting the players to create the desired ensemble sound.

Besides giving away FREE sheet music, Anne and her students will demonstrate four tunes for Veterans Day and show anyone interested how to play them, as bulleted in the BLOG POST: Piano Music for Veterans Day.

Celebrating the anniversary of UHMC Veterans Resource Center

UHMC Veterans Resource Center