pocket_musicNo, it’s not a typing mistake. MUS108 is a new 3-credit course on music literacy — showing you how to read music from scratch. It’s like learning to read from the alphabet. You will learn how to read notes, tap rhythm, and basically “everything you’ve always wanted to know about music but were afraid to ask.”

MUS180, on the other hand, is a 2-credit course that drills you on music theory and aural training. Those with a music background and can read notes at a minimal level will find this course a better fit than MUS108. We use the two books that Berklee College of Music uses. Budding composers will enjoy this course.

If you really want to get a comprehensive (complete) and formal understanding of music literacy, start first with MUS108 and then take MUS180.

We recommend that you take either course with an instrumental course – MUS121C, D, G, Z etc. This way you can apply what you learn on an instrument. At the same time, these courses explain what you’re doing. Why does C major follow a G7 chord, for instance?