UHMC has one of the most diverse music offerings of any college. With the exception of the Institute of Hawaiian Music (IHM) which requires auditioning, most courses are offered without pre-requisites. No auditions. No entrance exams.

Build your own instrument in MUS107

To help you choose from this wide array of options, ask yourself how many credits you want to take. All instrumental courses and choir are 2-credit classes. They meet either once a week for 2.5 to 3 hours or twice a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes each. Other courses are 3-credit, meeting the same frequency and duration as 2-credit.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have had some prior training, instrumental courses will give you the opportunity to learn in a class setting while proceeding at your own pace. At Maui College, you can learn to play the guitar, piano, Hawaiian steel guitar, and ukulele. All levels of piano are taught concurrently.

The human voice is probably our most precious musical instrument. Two-credit classes are offered twice a week for Beginning Voice and Intermediate Voice. You don’t need to have taken a voice class to join the choir, which meets once a week.

To meet your writing intensive requirement, you can take WI-MUS106, the only writing intensive music course. The title “Introduction to Music Literature” may be a little misleading, for it’s not about the literature of music or music scores but an introduction to classical music from the Middle Ages to the present through learning to really listen and appreciate some of the greatest music ever composed and performed.

MUS107 Music in World Cultures fulfills the global foundation requirement, and as a result, tends to fill up quickly. The Monday evening class caters to those who work in the day, while the Tuesday (and Thursday) noon class allows those students in Molokai, Lani, and Hana to take part via distance learning technology. Some students choose the noon class because they are unable to physically come to the Kahului campus. In Fall 2014, for instance, it was offered as a cable TV class, allowing those who cannot attend class to watch the high resolution video at other times. The Fall 2015 noon class uses the HITS technology, allowing two-way broadcast and interaction through polycom. In MUS107, you can choose to research and report on a music culture or build your own instrument.

To understand the abbreviations listed in the class schedule webpage, visit the blog post. Visit the list and description of classes to get further information on other classes not mentioned here.