MUS108 vs MUS180

No, it’s not a typing mistake. MUS108 is a new 3-credit course on music literacy — showing you how to read music from scratch. It’s like learning to read from the alphabet. You will learn how to read notes, tap rhythm, and basically “everything you’ve always wanted to know about music but were afraid to

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MUS106 Intro to Music Literature (Western Music)

Official Description: Treats styles and forms of Western music. Develops skills in listening to and appreciating music. Introduces music styles in their historical and social contexts. 3cr., 3hr. lect. (CO, DH) Extended Description: Some colleges call this course “Music Appreciation” or “The Art of Listening.” Learn how music has evolved from the Gregorian chants sung by

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MUS180 Basic Theory and Aural Skills

Official Description: Recommended: MUS 108. Teaches basic concepts of music theory, notation, and reading applied to dictation and sight-singing. Introduces reading and sight-singing to students with limited skills in music. Develops listening and writing skills necessary to compose music. 2cr., 1hr. lect./2hr. lect./lab (DA). Prerequisite: Student must own a guitar, ‘ukulele, bass guitar, keyboard, or

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MUS107 Music in World Cultures

Official Description: Analyzes folk, popular, and art music from major regions of the world, with emphasis on Asia and the Pacific. Develops a knowl- edge of representative styles and regional characteristics in world music.. 3cr., 3hr. lect. (FGC) Extended Description: In MUS107 Music in World Cultures, we go on a trip around the world through

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