Schubert art songs

Franz Schubert In preparation for our annual OPEN MUSIC WEEK April 20-23, 2015 in which nearly all of our music classes will be open to the public, please join us for a taste this coming Thursday morning. Did you know..... Mozart died at age 35, Schubert at 31. Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828) lived in Vienna at

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Lecture: Romantic Opera and Music Drama

In the mid- to late nineteenth century, the main aspects of Romanticism have become established: music should represent human emotions to the utmost it must tell a story or express an idea that's profound, resonant, or uplifting In this WI-MUS106 Introduction to Music Literature lecture, Anne Ku will introduce the operas of Puccini, Verdi, and

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Art songs and music of Latin America

MUS107 Music in World Cultures class travels to Latin America to visit the music of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. Four students are working on music of Peru and building the berimbau instrument of Brazil. The music of Latin America is distinctive in its rhythm and harmonies. Folk and popular music of this continent adopted

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Earth Day Jam

The Earth Day Jam is an open invitation for everyone to experience playing music together, the way orchestra musicians and rock bands are able to play and hear music around them. It's very different from sitting in the audience (out there) and hearing and seeing someone else play. Imagine two grand pianos and twenty-two digital

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Piano masterclass in TLC

"Pentascale" oil painting by Mauro Castillo (2014) See review of Earth Day Concert on UH Maui News (UHMC Student Paper). To celebrate Earth Day, pianists from Anne Ku's piano classes will debut their solo pieces in progress in a "masterclass."  A masterclass is one in which they perform like a concert but it's

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Introduction to Modern Music

Ebb and Flow Arts presents "Electronics and Computers in 20th Century Composition" Peter Swanzy will survey a host of composers in the second half of the 20th Century who implemented, although perhaps not exclusively, electronics, tape, computers, algorithms, and indeterminacy in their works. It will feature video and music sampled from key influences in this broad field

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Premiere: Following the Ninth

As part of UH Maui College's Annual MUSIC WEEK, music and history will join forces for the Hawa'i'i premiere of the new documentary. Join Mike Ryan's HIST152 World Civilizations Class and Anne Ku's WI-MUS106 Introduction to Music Literature and MUS107 Music in World Cultures classes for this exciting event. Popcorn and refreshments will be provided by Bounty Music. "Following

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Lecture: The “-isms” in music literature

As we move into the twentieth century in music, several movements become prominent. This WI-MUS106 lecture explains and demonstrates the different "isms" including the following: nationalism: music of Grieg and Albeniz impressionism: music of Debussy and Ravel primitivism: music of Stravinsky expressionism: music of Schoenberg minimalism: music of Riley, Reich, and Glass total serialism: music of Stockhausen and Boulez

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