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UHMC Receives a $30,000 High Tech Donation

The University of Hawaiʻi Maui College announced today that it received a donation of $30,000 worth of technology equipment from AJA Video Systems. The equipment will help facilitate new distance learning options for students across Maui County, from Molokai and Lāna‘i to Hana. Currently the college services its students with special cable programming, Internet programming and a closed-circuit network—producing on average at least 30-hours of cable content, 20-hours of distance learning courses and 10-hours of prime time programming on the weekends. The donation from AJA Video, a Grass Valley-California based video technology company, will upgrade the college’s infrastructure from analog to digital while still retaining use of some of its existing gear, and deliver programming in HD. AJA Video Systems Founder John Abt and his wife Darlene live on Maui, and once John learned that the college had approached his company about its video needs, he decided to donate the equipment. "I was very impressed with the great lengths that University of Hawaiʻi, Maui College goes to in order to provide high quality distance-learning options to students in remote locations who may not otherwise have access to a university education," said Abt. "We're very excited that with this donation of equipment, the college will be able to upgrade its video-based education infrastructure to HD and bring cutting-edge video technologies into their television production curriculum." “Distance learning technology is integral to our ability to offer all Maui County residents the chance to achieve their higher education goals,” said University of Hawaiʻi Maui College Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto. “The College pioneered cable television-delivered instruction for Lāna‘i and Molokai from our main campus in 1983, and introduced Skybridge, an interactive television system for distance-learning, on Lāna‘i, in 1988. This

UHMC Students Host Maui County Election Forum

A panel of politically active University of Hawaiʻi Maui College students hosted a special televised election forum July 11th, asking questions of candidates running for Maui County Council, State House District 9, and State House District 11. The show was broadcast live from 10:00AM-1:30PM on MCTV Cable Channel 55, and will continue to be periodically shown until election night. Pacific Radio Group will also air excerpts from the program on their Internet news and information portal at One goal of the election forum was to encourage students to take a deeper look at the issues facing Maui County, and engage in the voting process. “This is a great event for students to get involved with,” said UHMC student Emilie Howlett. “I knew that if I joined the panel, it would give me the push I needed to learn more about local politics.” Malia Davidson, Program Director of Liko A'e and Student Coordinator of the event, said, "Students brought their academic research into a living classroom on live television for all to experience and to ponder as they prepare to go to the polls. Each candidate was exposed to UH Maui students and the quality education that these students received right here. This was a great opportunity for all of us, students, candidates, and our Maui County community.” "This pre-election forum and our ongoing partnership with UHMC provide an invaluable opportunity for us to mentor the next generation of media professionals," added Wendy Osher, News Director for Pacific Radio Group. "Such programming also provides the public with information to make informed decisions relating to our future and the future of Maui County. We look forward to providing live election results broadcast coverage during the Primary