Kahului, HI — July 3, 2014 — This past April, UHMC’s Office of Continuing Education (commonly known as EdVenture) held it’s first food industry workforce development and training series, Food Industry Fundamentals, which helped participants develop differentiated, value-added, and safe specialty-food products. Courses included Food Trends and Food Marketplace Overview; Food Technology and Product Development; Quality Assurance and Food Safety Principles; and Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Producers. Due to its popularity, the series of courses will be offered again in July, this time in an online format to accommodate more participants.


Lou Cooperhouse

“It was exciting to connect with so many food enthusiasts with dreams of moving their career forward or launching their own food industry business last April,” said Lou Cooperhouse, a consultant to UHMC’s Maui Food Innovation Center. “It just confirms the project’s core mission and the demand for food industry workforce development and training.”

The participants of the Spring session were also excited about the course. Tim Parsons, Owner of Adoboloco, thought the courses offered a useful perspective for many in the food industry, saying, “the Food [Industry Fundamentals] series has a bunch of really good tips and reminders for anyone in or planning to be in the food service/ manufacturing business. Owners, operators and every employee should attend to learn about best practices.”

The insights offered in the Fundamentals series are designed to empower participants to better understand the market and where they might find their niche in it, while providing a solid foundational understanding of food safety and regulation. This helps employees, managers, and business owners avoid common pitfalls associated with the early stages of product development and distribution.

Mat Seavey, prospective food innovator and course participant, was amazed at the amount of information he learned and said the Fundamentals series was a “rich source of information… [that] answered all of my questions (including some I didn’t know I had) in a concise and entertaining fashion.”

The series is part of the larger UHMC Maui Food Innovation Center (MFIC) which will address the “missing link” between Hawaiʻi’s local farmers and food manufacturers. Recently the Hawaiʻi state legislature approved the appropriation of $2.7 million for the MFIC, funds that will be used to renovate the former cafeteria in the campus’ Paʻina building, and to purchase the necessary equipment for a value-added food production and business incubation facility.

The series will be offered online and on-demand starting July 7th. The first session is open until January 31st, 2015. Participants may register anytime and take the course at their leisure, online and on-demand. Certificates of Participation will be provided upon completion of each course.

Online registration discounts are available. Visit edventuremaui.com/maui-food-
innovation-center to register and for specific details on course offerings. You may also call EdVenture at 808-984-3231 to register. Each course is $39.

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The Maui Food Innovation Center is partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $759,350. Funding does not pay for student costs to participate. The Maui Food Innovation Center is an equal opportunity employer/ program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

TDD/TTY: 808-984-3325.