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For the 2nd year in a row, UHMC’s ceramics department is contributing to the Empty Bowl Project. PHOTO of students: Kel Sampels, Chris Rivas-Goodwin, and Pat Lynch, who together with Angelina Coffin and Jennifer Owen (far right) contributed over 70 bowls to the event.

Students at University of Hawaii Maui College ceramics department contributed nearly 70 handmade soup bowls all sold for a donation of $25.00 each to benefit Maui Food Bank and other local nonprofits.

Star Noodle and the Maui Organization for the Ceramic Arts hosted Empty Bowl – a street celebration with entertainment, hand crafts and Asian dishes to delight any palate.

The Empty Bowl Project was launched in 1990 when an art teacher had students create ceramic bowls for a charity dinner. Attendees purchase bowls, use them during the evening celebration and take them home and soon became a way to support organizations that provide meals to those in need … since then, this grassroots project has expanded across twenty countries, each with a flavor all its own.