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UHMC is part of a Hawaii Statewide Nursing Curriculum. The HSNC curriculum provides three exit options: Practical Nurse (PN), Associate in Science Registered Nurse (RN), and the Bachelor of Science Registered Nurse (BSN). BSN is awarded from UH Manoa. Students admitted to the HSNC who successfully complete required courses will be admitted to the fourth year UH Manoa Bachelor of Science courses, offered on Maui.

Health care students are required to complete University prescribed academic requirements that involve clinical practice in a University affiliated health care facility setting with no substitution allowable. Failure of students to complete the prescribed clinical practice shall be deemed as not satisfying academic program requirements. It is the responsibility of students to satisfactorily complete affiliated health care facility background checks and drug testing requirements in accordance with procedures and timelines as prescribed by the affiliated health care facility. Per the UH Board of Regents policy, priority for admission is given to fully qualified State of Hawaii residents as determined by the registrar for tuition purposes.

• Practical Nurse – Certificate of Achievement (CA): PN graduates with the CA are prepared to work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician in hospitals, extended care facilities, private nursing agencies, home health agencies, clinics, and physician offices.
• Registered Nurse – Associate in Science Degree (AS): RN graduates with the AS degree are prepared for beginning level positions in hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics, physician offices, private nursing agencies, and home health agencies.
• Registered Nurse – Bachelor of Science Degree (BS): RN graduates with a BS degree are prepared as generalist professional nurses to deliver care in a variety of health care settings.

Nursing Career Ladder Admission Process

For admission to the UH Maui College Nursing program, complete all steps outlined below by January 31 for Fall admission. Spring admission is pending available funds. The application deadline for Spring admission is July 15. Admission to UH Maui College does not guarantee admission to the Nursing program. Applicants who are accepted are notified of current health requirements for the program at the time of acceptance. Applicants not selected are assisted in correcting deficiencies.

• Apply to UH Maui College on the Common Application (download at ) application to UH Maui College Student Services with negative tuberculosis clearance taken within one year of the first day of instruction and proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) immunization. Send one copy of official transcripts from previous colleges (outside of the University of Hawaii system) to “Registrar, UH Maui College.” Call 984-3306 as soon as possible for an appointment with an academic counselor for a transcript evaluation for “advanced standing credits.”

•Call 984-3250 as soon as possible to schedule a required pre-nursing group counseling session for early assistance with academic and career planning.  Math and English COMPASS scores are required for group counseling.  Failure to properly sequence courses could delay admission.

•Complete the following required prerequisites:

a) Within two years of application to the Nursing program, one of the       two following conditions must be met:

1) COMPASS math placement at Algebra 46 or higher, or

2) completion of MATH 82 or higher either with grade C or better.

b) Within two years of application to the Nursing program, regardless of English courses taken, complete the COMPASS English placement test and score at least 79 for reading and 74 for writing.

c) ENG 100 (3), MICR 130 (3), and ZOOL 141 (4) and 142 (4).

Selection for the Nursing program is competitive. Criteria include grades in prerequisite courses listed above and other non-nursing courses required for graduation such as PSY 100, PSY 240, MICRO 140 and Humanities elective (1 credit counts 1 point for selection); experience in health care (nurse aide preferred); and Test of Essential Academic Skills score. MICRO 140 is not required but 1 point is awarded toward selection. In the event students have the same points in the Program Application, the student with the highest UHMC grade point average will be offered admission to the program.

Allied Health course repeat policy for PN/RN Admission

• Effective with courses taken in the Fall 2012 semester, courses may be repeated once to raise a grade. Of the two times that the course has been taken, the higher grade will be utilized. Only grades in the first two attempts will be considered for admission to the PN/RN program.

• The science courses, Zoology 141 and 142 (4 credits-lecture and lab) and Microbiology 130 (3 credit lecture) have a ten-year time limit, which must be completed within the last ten years prior to the application deadline. (Note: students do not have to repeat the lab course; ZOOL 141 and 142 may be repeated in the UH system online as 3 credit lecture classes only).

Contact the First Level program coordinator, Julie Potter-Dunlop, at 808-984-3455, or by email at for information.


Many pre-nursing students follow this suggested course sequence:
(Hawaii Statewide NUrsing Curriculum (HSNC) Liberal Arts Course Checklist Graduation Requirement Form can be downloaded from:

General Education Requirements (Fall)  Credits General Education Requirements (Spring) Credits
*PSY 100 Survey of Psychologyab 3 *PSY 240 Developmental Psychologyab 4
*ZOOL 141 Human Anatomy & Physiologyab 4 *ZOOL 142 Human Anatomy & Physiologyab 3
*ENG 100 Composition Iab 3 *MICRO 130 General Microbiologyab 3
MATH 115 Statisticsb^ 3 Arts, Humanities, Literatureab-elective 3
Physical Scienceb-elective 3 Global & Multicultural Perspectivesb-elective 3
16 16


UHMC Certificate of Achievement (CA) Degree: 50 credits (Fall or Spring entry)

First Level (Fall) Credits First Level (Spring) Credits
*NURS 210 Health Promotion across the Life Span (WI) 9 *NURS 210 Health Promotion across the Life Span (WI)  9
 *NURS 211 Professionalism in Nursing I 1 *NURS 211 Professionalism in Nursing I  1
*NURS 212 Pathophysiology 3  *NURS 212 Pathophysiologyab
13  13
First Level (Spring) Credits First Level (Summer) Credits
*NURS 220AB Health and
5,5  *NURS 220A Health and Illness Ia 5
*PHRM 203 General Pharmacology 3
First Level (Summer) First Level (Fall) Credits
*NURS 230 Clinical Immersion I(4) 4  *NURS 220B Health and Illness Ib  5
 CA graduates take NCLEX-PN for licensure *NURS 230 Clinical Immersion Iab  4
  *PHRM 203 General Pharmacologyab  3
CA graduates take NCLEX_PN for licensure


UHMC Associate in Science (AS) Degree: 73 credits

Second Level Credits Second Level Credits
NURS 320 WI-Health * Illness II: Family Heathab    10 NURS 360 WI-Health & Illness IIIab 9
Arts, Humanities, Literatureb-elective      3 NURS 362 Professional in Nursing IIab 1
13 NURS 363 Nursing Researchb
-UHM course
Global & Multiculutral Perspectivesb-elective  3
AS graduates take NCLEX-RN for licensure     16


UHM Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Nursing: 121 credits

Third Level (Fall) Credits Third Level (Spring)  Credits
NURS 450 WI-Community, Public, & Global Healthb 9  NURS 460 Clinical Immersion & Leadership Devb 10
NURS 452 Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issuesb 3  NURS 461 Adv Pathophysiology & Neurobiologyb 3
NURS 453 Geneticsb 3  Nursing electiveb-UHM approved courses 2
    15 15


*Note: Required for CA.
aNote: Required for AS.
bNote: Required for BS.
^Note: Students who take Statistics from another college will be required to also take MATH 100.


The Nursing Career Ladder Program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. (61 Broadway, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10006 • 800-669-1656 • ( and the Hawaii State Board of Nursing. RN/BSN/andRN/MSN Executive Program from UH Manoa, see link
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